Board of Directors

Michael E. Ginn
Albert W. Graham
Matt Hinton
Tony R. Kinder
Charles R. Marshall
Bobby McIntyre
Stephen H. Miller
John H. Sims
Caroline C. Ullery
Ben Womack

Letter from the President

Dear friends,

I want to personally welcome you to Peoples Bank of Kentucky. Thank you for visiting our site. Peoples Bank was chartered in 1906 by Mr. Charles Rhodes, who with a large heart, a little money and storage box helped launch us into what we are today. He rented our Main Office and current location in Flemingsburg for $25 per month. Mr. Rhodes always sought to help his fellow man and helped numerous people realize their dream of a first home or farm purchase. He ensured a safe place for hard-working people to deposit their hard-earned dollars. This man’s philosophy has continued to be the standard for all of the years following. We were chartered as an independent bank in 1906 and remain that way today at our multiple offices in Bath, Fleming, Lewis, Mason, Montgomery, and Rowan County. We have maintained a strong commitment to community and quality personal service that never waivers. We work, play and raise our families in the communities in which we are located. We want to ensure that these communities continue to thrive and our personnel take pride to ensure we are offering each of our customers the highest level of customer service possible. You will know our names and meet us face-to-face. You can be assured we will know who you are, not just your account number. Whether you prefer traditional services performed at a teller window or Internet-based services available on electronic devices, we can accommodate your wishes. We are here to serve you and develop a relationship that accomplishes your goals. Peoples Bank of Kentucky is truly your local bank. We have local involvement, local decision-making, local investment and local staff and board members. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for, and I’m confident “You’ll Like Banking With Us”!


Tony Kinder